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The modern consumer insights platform in beauty care

Real consumer insights, real fast

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Notable brands in our early access waitlist

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Why TactileAI?

Building amazing products and brand loyalty isn't just an art, it's a science.
And it starts by listening to your consumers.

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Why TactileAI?

How It Works

Survey design, automated user recruiting, and data analyses - all in one.

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Design and launch

Conduct in-home consumer research with ease using either simple templates or fully custom designs.

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Recruit and ship

Specify target group by attributes like demographic and skin-type. Our platform automatically recruits users to your campaign.


Analyze and repeat

Analyze survey responses in real-time using built-in data analytics tools like keyword extraction and segmentation.

How It Works
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Brand Testimonials

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Featured News

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More News

TactileAI Raises $1M in Seed Funding from SpringCamp

Funding will be used to develop its enterprise SaaS platform for disrupting consumer testing in the skin care industry and partner with leading global beauty brands.

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TactileAI Launches Remote Product Testing Platform in Beauty Care

Data is derived in just a few days from surveys with a 90% completion rate, providing beauty brands with rapid and reliable consumer insights. 

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